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New gal

State your name: Meghan

State your age: 19 (or 21, it depends on who's asking)

State your favorite Slytherin: Marcus Flint, Adrian Pucey , Terence Higgs, Bole

What are you willing to do to bring glory to our house?: Whatever I can. You'll find that I can be VERY persuasive (Loads shotgun)

How much do you love our Head of House?: Enough to by him a beer, that's a high honor in my house.

What do you think of Hufflepuffs?: What the $%#* are Hufflepuffs? (Reads all six books again) Oh yea, the pretty boys with no balls...they're okay...and fun to pick on. (Evil laughter)

I have a long fic that I've been working on for a while at my LJ. It's slash, just so ya know.

Here's the first seven chapters.
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