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Slytherins are indeed Sexier!!!

State your name: Jazzy/JaZx

State your age: 14

State your favorite Slytherin: Blaize Zabini (hotness) or Marcus Flint (he has awesome teeth)

What are you willing to do to make our house better?: What do you think? I'm a Slytherin, not your maid!

How much do you love our Head of House?: Snape? He's pretty sweet. He knows my parents so I always get good marks in potions. ^_^ I AM good in that class already...

What do you think of Hufflepuffs?: Hufflepuffs are stupid wimpy bastards who can't do a bloody thing worth while because they are a bunch of mudbloods and blood traitors who have no important skills, SO they had to be rounded into a useless group of NOBODIES!!! *deep breath* Basicly, they can all bite me!!!

(is this community new??? do you need help recruiting???)
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